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Music for Peace, Unity and Coexistence.
Live performances, Kabalat Shabbat, Sacred music circles and workshops


Ask for peace | حد عن الشر و اصنع الخير اطلب الس

Shira Golan hosts Tamar Shawki.

Prayer for peace and unity. Hebrew and Arabic

Lyrics: Psalms  34 | Melody: Baruch hayat

Man and the light - "الانسان والنور”

Shira Golan and Miriam Tokan book together to sing in Hebrew and Arabic for true unity and peace between nations

Lyrics: galila ohavet zion | Melody: shira golan






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A tribute show to soul singer

Ofra Haza

08:15  PM





A tribute show to soul singer

Ofra Haza

08:15  PM

Nof galil




A tribute show to soul singer

Ofra Haza

08:15  PM




‭"‭"‬I grew up in a mixed secular home‭. ‬My mother is Polish and my father Libyan‭. ‬I heard Yiddish and Arabic simultaneously‭, ‬and wished to combine the two cultures and bridge the gaps which were deeply instilled within me‭, ‬to the depths of my soul‭.‬"‬

My connection with sacred music‭, ‬came about when I was 9‭ ‬months pregnant with my first child‭. ‬It occurred to‭ ‬me by chance‭, ‬when I came across a book on Kabbalah‭, ‬while I was searching for a folk remedy‭, ‬to enable an easy birth‭. ‬This directed me to the Book of Psalms‭. ‬I immediately felt a connection to the sacred writings‭, ‬which brought me to compose music‭, ‬to some of the psalms‭.‬‭ ‬This was the basis for recording my first album‭, ‬which combined love songs from my life experience‭, ‬and texts from the bibles‭. ‬This combination produced a heart rending soul album‭, ‬with a Jewish Israeli linkage‭.‬

‬The theme song of the album‭ "‬Man and the Light‭", ‬which became an anthem in the sacred music‭, ‬I also recorded in the duet‭ - ‬Hebrew and Arabic‭, ‬after an exciting encounter with the Arab singer Miriam Toukan on the stage of the Shakti Women's Festival

The yearning to integrate the Arabic language led me to exciting encounters with musicians and singers from the Arab sector‭, ‬introduced me into their world and found myself constructing true 

At a certain point, I felt that I wanted to deepen my musical knowledge of the Arab culture, and I studied classical Arabic music for three years, at the Eastern Music School "Makamat" located in Safed. I learned the secrets of the Arab maqam, by teachers from the Arab sector, and I learned to sing the songs of the great Arab singers: Omm kulthum , Fairuz, Farid al Atrash and more...

friendships‭, ‬sharing experiences and encounters of unity and coexistence‭. ‬Christians‭, ‬Muslims‭, ‬Bedouins‭, ‬a whole sector that lives within us and seeks to show and unite‭. ‬The excitement is tremendous for me‭, ‬I feel that I am realizing my way‭, ‬my destiny‭, ‬the path of peace‭. ‬Since then‭, ‬I have continued to translate texts‭ ‬of empowerment into Arabic‭.‬

The second album‭ "‬Complete women‭" ‬which has already been aired and whose essence is a call for inner and outer peace‭, ‬hosted in Arabic by the singers‭: ‬Miriam Tukan‭, ‬Tamar Shawki and Nawal Dabas‭. ‬While Dr Nader Butto and Avshalom Farjun recite in Arabic‭. ‬From the album‭, ‬the show‭ "‬Complete women‭" ‬was born as a bridge to unity among the nations and to the opening of the hearts‭.‬


I started my professional career very early in life, and already as a child, began singing, dancing and acting, and performed. As time passed, I devoted myself to my great love of music and singing, and thus developed my voice and musical talent. I reached my acting studies much later, when I realized that acting was an integral part of life on the stage. After graduating from acting studies, and with the help of an actor's agency, I matured in this field and tasted theater, television, and cinema. I performed in the film "White Walls" in the lead role, which won the best drama award, in the Haifa film festival of 2005, I also performed in "You must be Happy" by Julie Shlez, and "She has no God" by Yankul Goldwasser, among others״.



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