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Collaboration is my favorite form of performing

Ask for peace | حد عن الشر و اصنع الخير اطلب الس

Shira Golan hosts Tamar Shawki.

Prayer for peace and unity. Hebrew and Arabic

Lyrics: Psalms  34 | Melody: Baruch hayat

Man and the light - "الانسان والنور”

Shira Golan and Miriam Tokan book together to sing in Hebrew and Arabic for true unity and peace between nations

Lyrics: galila ohavet zion | Melody: shira golan

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״The Middle East Music Project״


08:00  PM

opening doors

show 22:00 PM




״The Middle East Music Project״


07:00  PM

Kiryat Tivon&Bosmat



״The Middle East Music Project״


07:00  PM

opening doors

show 22:00 PM




‭"‭"‬I grew up in a mixed secular home‭. ‬My mother is Polish and my father Libyan‭. ‬I heard Yiddish and Arabic simultaneously‭, ‬and wished to combine the two cultures and bridge the gaps which were deeply instilled within me‭, ‬to the depths of my soul‭.‬"‬

Shira Golan, soul singer and songwriter, sings in Hebrew and Arabic. Her Middle East Music Project was launched as a platform for creating uplifting music performances and workshops for celebrating and connecting hearts together among the people of the region. She has released 2 original albums, which include psalms and sacred music in Hebrew and Arabic.

At a certain point, she felt that she wanted to deepen her musical knowledge of the Arab culture, and she studied classical Arabic music for 4 years, at the Eastern Music School "Makamat" located in Safed Israel. She learned the secrets of the Arab maqam, and learned to sing the songs of the great Arab singers: Omm kulthum , Fairuz, Farid al Atrash and more...

Shira has performed in collaboration with Arab singers, artists and spirituals. Together with the Palestinian singer Miriam Toukan, formed the "Peace tent" for unity and performed together in festivals in Israel and Europe.

She has participated and performed in events for the "WOMEN WAGE PEACE" organization and many other events for promoting unity and peace.


From her paternal grandmother's home in Jaffa, she was influenced by hearing Umm Kulthum and from her parents home she absorbed Israeli folk music.

In her spiritual way she connects and unifies people through music and poetry, seeing the positive, with the understanding  that we are all one.

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